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At Good Life Holistic Total Body Health, We Specialise In Western Herbal Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine & Japenese Acupuncture. We can also make a custom herbal remedy that in many cases may help reduce the dependency of pharmaceutical Medications. It is our goal to help you improve your total body wellness, physically, mentally and spiritually. Through Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture.

A Few Words About Good Life Holistic Health

There is no reason to live with pain. Acupuncture successfully alleviates pain in thousands of people every year. Pain

such as: ♦Headaches and Migraines ♦Sciatica Arthritis♦ Sports Injuries♦ Tendonitis ♦Fibromyalgia ♦Spains and Strains ♦Muscle and Joint Aches

Why continue living with pain when one session may be all it takes to have you feeling better? Although many clients come to our clinic with pain management issues, many are treated for ailments

such as: ♦Peripheral Neuropathy ♦High Cholesterol ♦Hypertension ♦Mental Illness♦ Digestive Issues ♦Urinary Problems ♦Chronic Sinusitis

We also offer programs to help better your health,

such as: ♦Detoxification ♦Quit Smoking ♦Appetite Suppression ♦Weight Loss ♦Hormonal Replacement ♦Japanese Face Lifts

Our Team

Christopher McFarland

State Board license & Owner/Manager/CEO at Good Life Holistic Total Body Health & Acupuncture


Brittany J McFarland

Master Herbalist

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